Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, it has started. Classes. I have pretty much disappeared off the face of the Earth and am working like a dog for the 3 hours of lectures that I have to present each week. Then there is the homework. Luckily, we have figure out how to get a computer to grade them all, instead of us (I have a graduate student helper!) having to grade them.

The kids started school last week - or was that a couple of weeks ago? Holy crap, this month is going fast. Like a blur. Ok, the kids started two weeks ago. They seem to be loving school. Crab boy now has some friends in class, which is fantastic. Crab girl seems to love being in middle school right now. Hopefully, that will continue. If she starts hating school and is permanently marred by the experience (and who was not marred by middle school), my wife will kill me. I will never, ever, ever live it down. All I can say is:

I am sorry dear. I know that you were right and I was wrong. I am slime.

Hopefully, I will never have to use that line. Well, maybe I will just put it out there, knowing that it is pretty much applicable everyday....

Crab girl is now at middle school camp for the week. It is the first time that she has been away from home without a parent or grandparent present for any length of time. I am sad. My little girl is growing up.

Ah, another thing that I have been doing is playing soccer on Thursday nights. It has been pretty crazy, since the games start at 11 PM. I have to admit, if you didn't know, I am typically in bed by 11 PM. Asleep. Like, really asleep. So, to start playing at 11 is hard. The game ends around midnight, home by 12:30, sitting around sweating until 1:30, then try to fall asleep by 2. Up at 6:45 to start the day. Kids to school by 8. Teach at 9. F*ck am I tired.

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