Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have to say that today I am relatively pissed off.  There are a few reasons for this:

1. We live on a road in which there are only 10 houses.  Therefore, we have to pay to have our road graded, plowed and maintained.  Many of the people in our neighborhood chose to build their houses right on the road, even though they have 3-10 acres of land to choose from.  So, to them, dust control is very important.  I don't care about dust control because I live in the woods, where no dust settles.  We have to pay for three dust control applications every year.  The people also want to regrade the road twice a year, even though it only serves 10 houses.  I find this ludicrous.  Further, for weeks after the grading, the road is covered with loose gravel that is impossible to bike on.  I bike.  I also have kids that love to bike.  It basically makes the road unusable for biking for a few weeks.  Yesterday they graded the road, after only 5 people voiced that they wanted the road graded (with one adamant NO - me).  So, that really pissed me off.  And it will continue to piss me off for a month.

2. Maine struck down their gay marriage law.  So now about 31 states in the good old US of A have explicit laws banning gay marriage or explicitly have countered laws that have made it legal.  It is just a travesty.  Aren't we the land of the free?  What does "free" mean?  You are welcome to do whatever you want as long as it doesn't counter my beliefs.  Even if it has absolutely no affect on me what-so-ever.  If I believe something and you believe something else - screw you.  The sad thing is that over half of the people in all of these states voted to do this.  We, as a society, believe in discrimination.  We believe in taking rights away from people because of who and what they are.  It is unbelievable to me how hypocritical people are in this country.

3. I am obviously PMSing, even though I don't have the right junk.  No amount of Mt. Dew will help.


Lee said...

The sad thing for Maine and California is that the voters took rights away. Our lovely state didn't just pass a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, we also saw fit to prevent any relationship "substantially similar", i.e. civil unions, or even allowing public institutions to extend health insurance to same sex partners. It's appalling.

Granny Crab said...

Unconstitutional, I believe, as well as unjust and a travesty. I am quite disillusioned with America, land of the free (only if you are white, straight, and privileged) and home of the brave (brave to live here despite the prejudices and hatred).

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you felt so strongly about this, about equality in general. Believe it or not, I have been fighting a quiet,(and sometimes not so quiet,) battle of discrimination for years. And you're right, it is a travesty, We are filled with hypocrisy, and it is hugely disappointing. People in general are hugely disappointing, especially when it comes to fighting for equality. But it is also a very personal journey for me and one that has only been generally discussed in our family. I guess I say that to say that while you are appalled at what you see simply standing on the sidelines, watching it all play out...try being on the field making daily defensive plays. And I have to laugh because according to societies "standards" I am to be more "accepted" because of the shade of my blackness, the texture of my hair, and the years of education. No this country has never not been hypocritical...even in the face of seemingly great changes, such as voting in a black president. He is the face of a facade, a true "con of man". We have not changed, we will not change. And that makes my heart sad.