Friday, January 15, 2010

Things That I Enjoy

I have noticed that a fair number of my blogs have a slightly negative ring to them. Some may say that I, perhaps, have a negative view on life. Others may claim that my glass has never been close to half empty. Well, for all of those who look upon me with sadness in their eyes for my sad, sad, state, let me just say that I am actually a relatively happy person (except for when I am not).  I do enjoy things.  I just don't enjoy blathering about them to people who would rather hear me bitch and complain (really, wouldn't you?)

But, I have come realize that I should be doing things more for me.  I should be out there on the front lawn, dancing my white *ss off to Katy Perry.  I shouldn't hide my head in shame, drowning in sorrow, listening to The Cure.  So, that is what I am going to do.  It is a new day!  Let us proceed!

Things that I enjoy:

1. Sex.  Enough on that subject, since my mother reads this blog.  Moving on.

2. Music.  I tend to be on the safe side with music.  I don't do a lot of buying music that I have never heard before, just to try it out.  That is because I am a cheap *ss bastard.  Just ask my wife.  Luckily, one of the benefits of being a Professor (besides being able to profess!) is having graduate students who listen to music that was made after 1983 (read, The Police, Synchronicity).  I now listen to such groups as The Fray and all of that depressing crap.  My daughter loves (LOVES) Katy Perry.  It is literally the only thing on her iPod Touch.  I have to say that the sh*t really make me want to shake some tail when played at higher decibels.  I would like to start listening to the Blues more.  Any recommendations?

3. Playing with technology crap.  I love my new HTC Hero phone (Google Inside!).  I love figuring out how to build robots and program them.  I love coding.  I love teaching my class about balloons and my other class about rockets.  I am an Uber-Geek.

4. I enjoy saying the word "Uber".  I guess this word means "Super" in Latin.  (The internets whispered this in my ear.  If you read it on one site, it must be true.  Uber-Smart.)

5. I love biking.  But it is hard to bike when you are fat and lazy.  My bike is sitting in my office, because I vowed I would take time at lunch to go riding.  That worked for 2 days.  So, if you are keeping score, it is Fat and Lazy 97 days and Biking 2 days.  I seem to be doing almost as well as Michigan's Football team.

6. I love eating.  Hmmm.  This is direct conflict with #5.  No wonder I hate myself.  Too much inner turmoil.  What do I enjoy eating, you ask?  Well, that is a good question.  I am an amazingly picky eater ( I wonder where Crab Girl gets this?), but my list of foods that I will eat is expanding.  Obviously, ice cream is up there at number 1.  Candy bars come in there pretty high too. (Now you are seeing where the fat and lazy come from, eh?)  On the good food side, I like.... uh... ketchup?  Oh, here, I got one - oatmeal!  That has to be good for you, right?  Bananas!  Another one! (Although Crab Mama would like to outlaw Bananas because they have travelled something like 15 times around the globe to reach us and are only a nickel a pound.  Something is not right there, and she doesn't like it.  Besides, any fruit that can NOT be grown locally has got to be evil.)  I could go on all day about food, but, you get the idea.

7. I love making lists.  It makes me feel like I am doing something productive, but really I am not.  Like right now.

8. I like watching movies and TV.  I like watching the first season of a TV show, when you are totally naive about how sh*tty the show really is.  I could name a few shows like this, but I won't embarrass myself by admitting that I watch (as my step-father so aptly put it) crap TV.  With movies, I made the mistake of letting Crab Mama control our Netflix Queue.  We just got Thirty Something Season 1, Disk 3.  Ok, if this isn't crap TV, WTF is?  Come on, can't we at least get some BSG?  But, there really is GOOD TV out there (and I am not talking about educational TV).  For example, 30 Rock has to be one of the funniest shows ever made.  The one where they do a parody of Amadeus is just unbeilable.  Arrested Development is also insanely funny.  

9.  I love traveling.  (That is a lie.  Everyone says that they love traveling, so I put it there just to fit in.)

10.  I like reading to my kids.  I sometimes complain about this vehemently, especially when I am super busy.  But, I really enjoy doing it.

11. Just because I can't end on a sappy note, and #9 didn't really count, I will include another love of mine for your reading pleasure.  I love sleeping.  And, I have to say, I am good at it too.  I spend a good 1/3 of my life sleeping, and I love every single second of it.  I would do it more if it wasn't for work.  And everything on this list.  The only bad thing about sleep now, is that I am getting old, and when I get out of bed, my bones crack.  I get stiff in bed (not that kind stiff, you sick perverts), and can't stay in bed for more than about 8 hours without my back aching.  How sad is that???

So, in summary, I am old, fat, lazy, like to sleep, listen to chick dance music, rot my brain with bad TV, and I am an Uber-Nerd.  It is amazing that #1 is even an option.

It is great to be alive!


Anonymous said...

Lol. You are silly. And yes, I actually did laugh out loud at this post.
1) Mom's not the only one reading this, so thank you for the brevity. eeewwwww!!
2)The Fray & Katy Perry girls listen to everything as do I.
3)Even though I'm not a rocket scientist, I love technology crap too.
4)I love the word uber but tend to use wicked instead. Therefore, you are wicked smart;)
5)My girls love to bike. And Michigan will find themselves on top of their game again. They just need a little time.
6)Eating...oh yeah. You are picky, but oh well. Try homemade egg rolls someday. I'll even make them for you. You haven't truly felt bliss until you've had those & my crab rangoon. Oh yeah baby.
7)I'm totally a list maker. I even add things to my list that I've already done, just so I can say I did it...need some post its???
8)Yes, yes, yes!
9)I miss traveling, so I will live vicariously through you and enjoy it for you.
10)I love reading to the girls. try the Skippy Jon Jones book...and read them in your best Mexican accent;)
11)I get stiff too when I sleep. Ahh the signs of old age. But yet in still you will always be older;) I love it.
12) In short, my OCD won't let me end on #11 like you did. But really, I think you are a wicked smart, cranky, picky older brother that I love very much...
Don't sleep on the Fray. How about Rob Thomas?? I LOVE him. "Maybe someday we'll figure all this out, try to put end to all our doubt. Try to find a way to make things better now. Maybe someday we'll live our lives out loud. We'll be better off somehow someday."

Space Prof said...

Thanks for the mental image, Crab MAn. I should report this post for abusive language.

FrauTech said...

Music: you familiar with Pandora? I think having other people recommend music can be terrible, we are all a lot more picky music listeners than we think we are. So check out Pandora, I've found a lot of new-to-me groups that way. And good way to pass the time. And it's free!

Let's see more #3! I love thinking about building robots, but I never have the inertia to get anything started. So show us your droids, man!

i think uber is german...(though wikipedia says there's a latin cognate).

And I LOVE sleep as well. So good pick there.

spacecataz said...

I shall now combine #1 and #8 to create an UBER-COMMENT:

"Today I'm going to break up with my boyfriend!"

"hmmm... 35 and only 3 sexual partners in the last 10 years? I dunno, sugar... maybe it's time to settle."

30 Rock is the greatest show since Arrested Development.

Also, if you need more techno goodness, I suggest They have a dozen or so radio streams.