Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greetings from the Other Side

I am 0.5 days into recovery from Caffeine addiction.  I can't do it! The cravings!  They are killing me!

And then, I found three Diet Mt. Dews in my office as I was leaving the office today.  Holy crap!  I am back on the Caffeine!  Three more days of addiction!


Lee said...

Why why *why* would you do such a thing? I guess I get giving up the calories and the chemicals, but I have not heard a single compelling argument for giving up caffeine. Try tea, it has almost as much caffeine as the Dew (47 mg. to 55 mg. respectively).

I gave up coffee for 6 months once. Never again.

Dr. No said...


Anonymous said...

They were a few well placed bottles from some inconspicuous coworkers not wanting to deal with an ornery addict!