Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Hospital

My mom (Crab-Granny #1) is in the hospital for a kidney stone. It is a gigantic thing (at one point, it was rumored to be 21 cm in size, but I pointed out that 2.1 cm would make a little more sense.... still pretty freaking big to be in your kidney!) Something went horribly wrong with it yesterday, and she ended up in the hospital. Today the are extracting the little beast.

Luckily, there is a winter storm over the entire northeast US, so my flight to DC was canceled last night. So, I thought I would have a nice day of work (bonus day!) As soon as I got home, Crab-Granny #1 calls, sounding like warmed over sh*t, and let me in on the news.

Today we crammed into the car and drove across the state to the hospital. There was some snow flying, but mostly it was settled. Except the cars weren't settled - there were tons of cars off the road, and on one section, they completely closed the expressway. We drove for a few miles down something the may have been a dirt road, but we couldn't tell because of the 6 inches of snow on the road. After about 4 hours we go there.

She just got out of surgery and is doing great (thanks for asking!) We haven't been able to see her yet, since she is in recovery, but we hear that she is up and dancing, or something like that. Hopefully she will feel better now that a chunk of rock was removed from her. We all feel better that she is safe and sound now.

I won't even mention the thoughts of .... that we could talk about right now. I will leave it on a happy note!

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Dinosaur Mom said...

Bummer. Glad she's recovering. My mother-in-law has had the kidney stones and they are no good.