Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Matrix

I am watching the Matrix Reloaded.

I would have to say that the fight scenes and the chase scene with the ghost vampires are the best actions scenes ever made. Trinity on a motorcycle. That is some hot sh*t. Ok, chase scene is over, I can turn it off.

I was thinking that I really hate Tuesday Thursday classes, but not having to prep for class on Sunday night is glorious.

Today was a pretty sh*tty day. I don't really know why. It started out just fine. I actually was starting to do some filling in nail holes in the window trim (after 2 years), but was interrupted when Crab-Mama reported that the bunny had fallen over and couldn't get up. So, we had to take the bunny in to the Animal ER. About $200 later, we got some medicine that might or might not work. If bunny feels better in a week or so, then great! It worked! If not, then we have the "what happens when bunnies die" talk to Crab-Girl. That will pretty much suck.

Then to Target. Then to the bagel place. Then home.

The roads around our house pretty much suck *ss. We got about 10 inches of snow yesterday, and they still haven't plowed our roads. Which means that if you go off the tracks even a little, it is sort of hard to get back on track. If someone comes at you in the other direction, it is pretty much game over.

I haven't called my sister even though her birthday was 12 days ago. I am sorry!!!

Ok, here is the breaking news:

Crab-Mama pulled the kids out of school is going to start homeschooling again. Starting tomorrow.

I think that is enough for tonight...

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