Monday, April 6, 2009

LA Bitch

Our new dog Lilly is from LA. I am not sure if she had ever seen snow before coming to Michigan. When she first came, the snow was pretty thin and icy. There was basically nothing there except frozen ground.

Well, last night it snowed about 6 inches. When I took Lilly out for a pee last night (while it was snowing), she freaked out and didn't want to go outside. When I "encouraged" her, she tried to dodge the snowflakes. It was quite amusing.

This morning, on her walk, she was completely freaked out by it. She would walk for a little while, like normal, and then just start running in a random direction. She does this typically when she is afraid of an animal or something. So, was she afraid of the snow covered ground? I don't know. Then, for a while, she would run with her tongue out, licking the snow the whole time. She was like Crab Boy, just wanting to eat as much snow as possible. Also quite funny.

I wonder, if you took people from LA and dumped 6 inches of snow on them, would they freak out also?


Dinosaur Mom said...

When we moved back to Michigan from California/Washington, my brother was two. He saw his first snow, got stuck in a snowdrift, and said, "Wet. Don' like."

Lee said...

Yes. They would totally freak out. Apparently they freak out when it rains. If the rain froze I suspect their collective brains would explode.

In the beginning, Lizzy loved all the snow. Then she got sick of it. Then she decided she *really* didn't like it on her lady bits.

Rico Detroit said...

I dunno... but let's try it... >:)