Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picnic Euphoria

Tonight we had a picnic for work. It was a blast. Tomorrow we have a picnic for my wife's work. Both at the same place. How many hamburgers and hot dogs can one person eat???

Yesterday I spent the day reading my student's paper. Today I spent the day reading another student's paper. Tomorrow I have to read a former student's paper. It is really, really, really long too. One of his problems had been writing way too much. Now I have to help cut his 100+ page paper down to something manageable. Boy oh boy, am I going to have a fun day.

Hear is another piece of news. I started drinking Diet Mt. Dew. Holy crappoly. I first started drinking Mt. Dew Throwback, which is a sugar version of Mt. Dew, instead of corn syrup. This took the sweetness down a fair bit (although not the calories). Once I got used to that, going to Diet was easy. Now, let the pounds drip off!


spacecataz said...

To be fair, said former student has been in a political slap fight with a scientific adversary, and this has been the main reason for the ridiculous size of the paper. The other guy keeps demanding more and more in the paper because he doesn't believe said student's results.

Also, Diet Mt. Dew? Who are you and what have you done with my crabby scientist? At this rate, your next post will be about hugging Hungarians and adopting rigorous programming standards at the expense of productivity -- all because you aren't feeling so crabby anymore.

I blame the tattoo.

Lee said...

I quit drinking diet pop when they gave up on Saccharine. The other crap (which causes cancer*) is *way* too sweet. I was a very strange child.

There are no limits to the number of hot dogs and hamburgers a person can eat. That is a statistical fact. Remind me to tell you about the Reuben Hot Dog. Yum.

*Doesn't everything? Hell, burn a hamburger and you'll get cancer.