Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Did It!

I bought Welcome to the Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

Shocking, eh?

We're a long way from home....

Ok, enough of that.

Today was a crap day.  Crab Mama is out doing field work all week, so I am in charge of the kids.  Yesterday I had a lot of meetings and crap, but the person who normally takes the kids on Mondays (we take her kids on Wednesdays) couldn't this week, since one of her kids is sick.  So, they got to have a fun-filled day in the office with me.  We got to go to a lunch meeting. Fun, fun, fun!  Today, Crab-Girl woke up really late, so we didn't get to the day care place (day care for an 11 year old?  I am not sure what to call it...) until 9:30.  Then I discovered I had a very low tire.  I drove to a gas station and bought some air (what the hell is up with buying air? It's air!) only to find that there was a hole in the side wall.  So, I inflated as much as I could and got to spend the morning at Belle Tire.  I got into work at about noon.  Then had to leave at 2:20 to go pick the kids up and take them to guitar lesson.  Just over 2 hours of work!  Wow!  I got cheered up a bit late in the day by going to out ice cream with the family.  Then, when we got home, they gave me my birthday present - a food processor! Hells Yeah! Now I can make all sorts of stuff from Cook's Illustrated!

Well, it was a frustrating day, but I actually managed to write a bit today, which is good.  I am hoping to submit two papers before school starts.  I have two weeks from tomorrow.  I think that I am screwed, but who knows, maybe I can pull it off.  I have the first paper almost completely done.  It is a nice piece of work, I think.  But, I am biased.  The second paper requires a fair bit of work.  I actually have third and forth papers sitting in the wings too, but I don't think that those are going to happen.  Maybe before the end of the year?

AGU abstracts are due September 3rd.  Do you have yours done?


spacecataz said...

AGU abstract?

drumgeek said...

You wanna rent a house in Monterey or something around AGU time?

Space Prof said...

AGU abstracts done. Two papers for the summer, not so much. Good goal, but I doubt I could do it at this point. Good luck!