Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paper One "Complete"

Well, I pretty much have finished the first paper that I had as a goal to finish this summer.  I have to address some comments by co-authors (Damn you co-authors! You know who you are! :-)  I have also figured out a big step forward in my next paper.  I have one week to finish this next paper.  One week.  Only four work days.

Oh Crap.

Only four work days until classes start.

Oh Crap.

What am I teaching again?  Wow.  I have to really start thinking about this class.....

I think that this year I am going to try to take the kids on more trips.  I will try again to take each on a separate trip and see how it goes.  The first trip I took Crab Girl on went pretty well - she played video games and watched movies pretty much the whole time, and then, on our off hours, she wanted to play in the swimming pool the whole time.  I don't think we left the hotel the whole week.  She got to ride in First Class on the way home, which thrilled her (they upgraded me, and then couldn't downgrade me when I requested it since the plane was full, so they upgraded her!)  Crab Boy's first trip was pretty good also.  We went to Washington DC for three days.  Two days were in meetings and one was just walking around seeing the sights.  He collapsed in exhaustion a few (dozen) times, but besides that it was a fun day.

This year I think that I will probably take Crab Girl with me to Switzerland (a week) and Crab Boy to Boulder (3 days).  This means that I have to take Crab Mama somewhere better than Switzerland (in November).  It is our 15th anniversary next year, so the trip better be (1) without kids; and (2) good.  Any suggestions?  Oh, we are talking about the end of February.  So, no Alaska or Maine or Canada.  One of my students went to Italy a little while ago.  How does that sound?  Expensive?  Oh, and I should say, Saline is out of the question!  So is Milan!

Ok, back to thinking about how the summer is almost gone and how little I have accomplished this summer and .... sob.

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Granny Crab said...

Wherever you and crab mama go on your trip, I'll take the kids!! Sorry summer is almost gone...