Friday, September 18, 2009


The night before last we did our normal ice cream Wednesday.  We normally go to Dairy Queen, because the kids love it and it is the closest ice cream place to our house.  Last night we went to a different place that Crab Mama used to go to when she was but a wee little lass.  We had our ice cream and were headed home, when a Toyota FJ Cruiser ran a stop sign and plowed right into us.

No one was hurt.  They hit us right on my door and front quarter panel, which is probably the best place to be hit if you are going to be hit, and don't want your kids to be hurt.  Crab Girl was a little freaked out, while Crab Boy took it pretty much in stride.

Yesterday we learned that the insurance company would like to total our car.  We have only had it for about a year or so.  I just bought snow tires last year and rims at the beginning of the summer so we wouldn't have to go swap wheels every 6 months (I can do that in the garage!)  Crab Mama has complained for a while about her wonderful MiniVan.  So, the question is, What Now?

When we got our (now dead) car, we did a lot of research on reliability versus mileage versus affordability.  We also have been buying foreign cars for the last 15 years.  We wanted to give an American car a try (or at least the perception that we were giving it a try...)  We ended up buying a used Pontiac Vibe, which is a Toyota Matrix with a Pontiac sticker on it.  That cleared our conscience while meeting all of our other criteria.

After looking around for an hour or so last night, we have come to about the same conclusion.  Crab Mama basically said we should just replace the Vibe with an identical one.  Then people can ask us if we got our car painted!

My selfless self wants to sell the MiniVan at the same time and buy Crab mama a Rav4 (her new dream car), and me a crappy old Toyota.  This doesn't help the conscience, but it does help the husband brownie points.  Crab Mama says she would rather have solar panels or a wood-burning stove or some "useful".  Come On!  Are you an American???  It is all about the car! Come On!

Well, so, there it is.  We will probably buy another Vibe that is grey or gray or silver or .... red.  So, if you see someone driving down the street in a Vibe that looks just like me, but it can't be me because that isn't my car, it's me.


Lee said...

Yikes! Crashes are scary even when no one is hurt.

I've been going through the car thing lately since mine's getting on in years and rust. I'll most likely get a Focus since I can do the (whatever) Plan that comes as a benefit of Uncle Con. As much because I hate the idea of negotiating as anything else. Len fixed my brakes, so it doesn't feel quite as crucial as it did last week.

drumgeek said...

...and this is what happens when you change ice cream stands. I hope you've learned your lesson.

spacecataz said...

*ahem* May I suggest a Ford? ;)

Glad no one was hurt. I have to agree with drumgeek, though. This is what happens when you switch ice cream stands. It is an affront to god!

FrauTech said...

Glad you are all all right! I am of the opinion that money should be saved so that the "right" car can be purchased. As in, if your wife's "dream" car is within reach, it should be achieved. I agree with you it is all about the car! Maybe you can convince her to not be afraid to invest a little in herself.

madscientist said...

Thanks for all of the comments!