Monday, December 22, 2008

Complaint Number One

What did I get on my final exam??????? [Answer - not what you wanted.]

I got [blah] on the first exam, and [blah] on the second exam, and did all the homework and missed [a few] quizzes.

I did [the other assignment] also!!!

I don't know why I got a [lower than expected grade], I was expecting to get [a higher grade than I got].

I answered by stating what they got on all of their tests, assignments and quizzes. Then what the average of that was. Which was a solid grade (i.e., 3 points typically separate grades, and they were 1.4 points into the grade.) I am not sure how to reply to this. Uh, you got this grade. Sorry that you don't like it.

Ok, I just figured out how to make a histogram in excel. I gave 20 A+s, 15 As and 16 A-s. I would have to say that this was an easy class. Too easy.


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