Saturday, December 6, 2008

On a Cold Night in December

Man is it cold outside. Perhaps I am a pansy. Perhaps I am just weak. Perhaps it is really freaking cold. Who knows. I just walked over the the neighbors house to pick up Crab-Boy from his sledding play date. He stayed over there all afternoon and ate dinner over there. We just finished dinner here and all, so I get all bundled up and walk over there. It is probably about a 1/2 mile round trip. Grueling, I tell you. It is also dark. Anyways, I trudge over there, only to find out that they are in the middle of a movie, and can Crab-Boy stay longer. Who am I to deny a little crab some Kung Fu Panda? So I turn around and trudge home. Oh well.

A couple of weeks ago we hosted Thanksgiving. 26 people over. A freshly killed free range organic turkey was the main course, while others brought tons and tons of food. We also made a bunch of pies. Others brought lots of desserts to. I would say that if you didn't count the turkey, we had more desserts than other food. I ate so much food the my stomach hurt all of the following day. It was great to see all of our family members and talk about life. Everyone got along great, and a good time was had by most of the people.

Crab Momma's sister and boyfriend spent the week with us. This was an interesting time. In case you don't know, Crab Momma doesn't really like people. Especially people who are not Crabs (i.e., the 4 of us). And to have non-Crabs spend a week was quite stressful. And there was much arguing. Then, to add a little fuel to the fire, my sister and her husband come up from Miami to spend Thanksgiving with us (therefore they spend the night before and the night of Thanksgiving). My Mom also came over for the same time. So, it was like taking Crab Mamma and putting her in a pressure cooker for a few days. Incredibly, she survived and didn't kill anyone.

The crab-lets are learning to play "Yellow Submarine" on the guitar. Crab-Girl learned how to play the beginning of "Wish You Were Here" today. Guitar lessons are pretty fun for the kids. Their teacher is fantastic. He really knows how to entertain the kids and teach them on the level that is appropriate.

Monday is the last day of class, except for the final exam. I can not express how incredibly happy I am about this. But, with the end of the semester comes the end of class grovelling. Many of the students who are getting crappy grades are now coming to me asking what they can do to not fail the class. I have to say that my class is not hard. It is not hard to get an A in the class. It seems impossible to me to actually fail the class. They have to just do a few things like come to class, do the homework and do a mediocre job on the tests to get a B in the class. Miss a bunch of classes and you might dip down to a C. To get ewer than this, you have to do little homework and royally f*ck up the tests. Anyways, enough bitching about students.

This was a mish-mash post. I am sure that you forgive me.

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Lee said...

It is cold.

26 people is a lot of people, and hard on the hosts, but the advantage is that any (familial or otherwise) tensions are diluted. The food was fab (especially the turkey and chicken).

Crab Momma is already ahead of my own Mr. Grumpy Head by allowing such a gathering. He uses the lack of dining room as an excuse, but he really doesn't like people (at least he is equal opportunity, he would allow his family to come over en masse, either).

I think some crap-lets need a Beatles mix. Crab Son admitted that his favorite band is Rush. Rush?!?!?

Classes seem to be ending early this year. I need to get on book recall/renewal notices.