Saturday, August 23, 2008


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....

The little crabs were pretty excited this morning.  They had bought me an apron for cooking, but it was plain.  So, yesterday, the drew pictures and wrote stuff on it in fabric paint, and gave it to me for my birthday.  Pretty sweat!  Mama crab got me a mailbox!  Not exactly what I wanted, but I got her a rain chain for her birthday, so what can I say?  It is a very nice and very sturdy mailbox, which is fantastic.  Right now our mail box is the cheapest one Lowe's had.  Indeed, one of the numbers fell off, so we replaced it with a completely different style of letter.  It is awesome. Our neighbors must think that we are the biggest losers in the neighborhood.  Anyways, I guess this means that I will be digging a big hole in the coming week or so....

Tomorrow we go on vacation.  Up north to go camping.  Yippee!  I love camping! Ok, I can stand camping for the sake of my marriage. You got me.  It should be fun, though.  We are going to South Manitou Island, which is right off of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We can play in the sand and run around like crazy people.  And relax.

You ask what I did today?  Uh.... open presents, pack, go to REI, eat dinner at Potbellies, pack some more, fart around on facebook, write on my blog, and go to bed.

Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me!

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