Tuesday, August 19, 2008

History of my life

Ok, let's clear something up. I suck. I can't seem to find time to write on my blog. Oh well, I will do it when I have time. Trust me. Yeah, right.

I have been spending an astronomical amount of time working on my class lately. I am teaching another new class this semester. I vowed that this semester I would prepare lesson after lesson after lesson this summer so my semester would be much easier. Oh, that really happened. Well, I have two weeks until class starts, and I have about 6-7 lessons done. That is better than last year at this time (0 lessons done), but I was hoping for about 20 or so by now. Well, two more weeks.

One of the problems that I have is that I seem to actually give a crap about the classes and want to teach with lots of illustrations and movies and stuff. It seems to take a lot of time to find all of the illustrations and examples. Anyways..... I have no idea how people did this before the internets. It would be impossible. Much homage to all those who came before.

I must say that soccer players in the Olympics are a wee bit better than I am. They are unbelievable. It is just insane how well they control the ball. Insane.

The other night crab-girl and I went outside at 10 PM and looked at stars. We saw Jupiter, the moon, and the big dipper. That is about all I know. She thought that it was beautiful. Maybe we will get a telescope and take a look at the stars more. I am hoping that as winter comes and darkness comes earlier and earlier, we could all go outside and look up. One of the reasons we built our house out in the middle of now where is that we could look at stars. Well, now I am going to do it! Anyone have a telescope? Or know anything about stars? I think I know what the moon looks like....

Mama Crab canned peaches the other day. A whole a** lo*d of peaches. Did you know that there is actually peach jam? I never knew. I thought that there was only grape. Concord's Grape Jam. Isn't that the only thing you need? Oh, I guess you need peanut butter. What else is there? I guess that it turns out that there is peach jam. Who knew? She added the 20+ jars of peach jam to the 175,263 jars of strawberry jam. Guess what you are getting for Christmas?

Today she canned tomatoes. From our garden. How cool is that? Neither of us have any idea how to make a good spaghetti sauce, unless we are starting from something 3/4 of the way to good already. I think that we will have to experiment with a whole lot of basil, oregano, tyme, garlic, and other stuff.

Mama crab has also been working a huge number of hours lately. She has been in Flint for days and days - getting up at 4:45, leaving by 5:00 or so, then getting home between 6 and 7 each evening. Sucks for her. Sucks for us. Sucks, sucks, sucks. Yesterday was her last day in Flint. Tests were successful. That is good. It is over. I have to remember that her working 14 hour days for a week is just the same as me going on travel for a week. Sucks.

Ok, that is all for tonight. I promise that I will try hard to write more often (and fail).

But, that is the history of my life.

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