Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home Again

Yesterday was a slightly long day. It started at 3:40 AM, Finland time. A quick trip to Amsterdam, breakfast at the McDonald's there (pure American food!), and a wonderfully long trip home to Detroit, put me home around 2:00 PM, EST (i.e., 9PM Finland time). Once I get home, the kids are so busy playing with the neighbors, they basically don't notice that I am home. Nice. Crab-boy was over at their house, and didn't bother coming home at all when told that I was home. Oh well. I got to take a nap on the couch, which is good.

Some pizza, some TV, reading to the crab-monsters, and some more TV, then bed time for the master-crab.

Today was a pretty good day. For I mowed the weeds for a bit, while Mama-Crab weed-whacked the super-tall weeds. Crab-boy helped both of us, found some frogs to play with, and rode around on the bike for a bit. Crab-girl was listening to a little book-on-tape. We went Blueberry picking (14.8 lbs!) in Dexter, then came home and canned most of them (pies, pancakes, and buckle in the future!)

As I made some left-over dinner for everyone, Mama and Dada Crab got into a lovely discussion about home-schooling. Yeah, that was nice.

Crab-girl made some ice cream after dinner, while I made blueberry pie (a little sour, but for the first time, with fresh blueberries, it was great). Then bed time for the crablets. TV for us. Soon to bed.

That, my friends, is my life.


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