Tuesday, August 12, 2008


About a year ago, I took crab-girl with me to a conference in Utah. We had lots of plans about how we were going to do hiking and go do all sorts of touristy types of things, but we ended up sitting by the pool a LOT. She loves the water. The hotel had an indoor/outdoor pool, which she really, really loved. So, we spent hours and hours playing in the pool. Which was fine. Not exactly what I had planned, but she was more than satisfied, and I got to read a little bit while she kicked around (although playing by yourself in the pool is no fun, so I had to play also....)

Fast forward a year.

I had promised crab-boy that I would take him on a trip with me also. So, after avoiding this for a while (13 months to be exact), we finally settled on a trip that would be good for him and not be too boring. Washington DC.

So, tomorrow and Thursday I have a NASA working group meeting in Maryland. Today, we flew into National Airport, took the metro to downtown and proceeded to walk around and see the sights. Here is a tour of where we went (this should bring up a walking map):

1. Air and Space Museum - hey, I am a space scientist, I would naturally go there first, right?

2. Lunch in the park - crappy bagel and crappy turkey sandwich - $10.

3. Washington Monument. We didn't take the elevator since I thought the wait would be too long. We should have done it, since the line was moving quite quickly. Next time....

4. WWII Memorial. I had never seen this. It is quite beautiful.

5. Random bench.

6. Ice Cream Stand. Water, ice cream. $7. Eaten under a tree. Dripping everywhere. Some of bottled water used for cleanup.

7. Lincoln Memorial. Take picture. "Ok, can we go?"

8. Steps of the Lincoln Memorial. (Have you noticed that the distances are becoming exponentially smaller?)

9. Vietnam Memorial. Son duly impressed.

10. Bench.

11. Side of the road. (collapse. "Come on, we are almost there." "Can we rent a car?" "Where would we get the car?" "Can we take a taxi?" "no.")

12. Park in front of the White House. Police man: "You can't walk though here." Me: "Why - we only want to go right there" (points 100 ft away to the other side of the park, where there are lots of people looking at the White House.) "Security" "It's only 100 ft!" "It's closed." "F*ck! How are we supposed to get through there?" (pointing to collapsed boy laying on ground, looking longingly for a National Car Rental outlet) "You will have to walk around" "F*ck! You have got to be kidding me!" "I have a map" (proceeds to pull a map out of his motorcycle) "I have a map too! I know exactly where I want to go, and exactly how to get there! G*d D*mn I*!" Pry half dead child off the ground, turn around and walk backwards.

13. See 11.

14. Metro Station to pick up Auntie Crab III (i.e., the third in a series of IV - actually, she may be IV, hmmm, I will have to check birthdays between the wife's and my family.... anyways, you all should know who I am talking about.... The aunt that now carries a gun and knows how to use it.)

15. Dinner at Cosi, which I have seen many times in DC, but have never eaten there. Now I have. It is good. Chicken Pesto Sandwich. Very good. We closed the place (ok, not saying much, since they close at 6:30...)

16. Starbuck's. Lemonaid smoothie split with crab-boy and a treat from Auntie Crab III. Score!

17. Metro station.

18. Cab to hotel.

19. Bed for crab boy. Computer for me.

20. Bed for me. Night.

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Lee said...

I'm glad one of us in this family is a bad ass! But obviously you needed her before #12, not after..