Monday, March 2, 2009

State of Disrepair

Our new dog, Lilly, is a fine dog. She is happy and playful and loves to jump up and down and have fun with you. She fetches and acts like a dog. Heidi, our older, more mature dog, wants nothing to do with that crap. She is frumpy.

The problem, you see, is that Lilly pees and poops on the floor. That is hard to put up with. For example, this evening, we got home, and immediately took Lilly out. She peed. Crab-Girl played with her for a while outside, where she peed again. She came inside and played for a little while in the house, where she peed again. We cleaned that up. Then an hour later, she she peed inside again. She has never actually peed twice in an hour, so having her pee 4 times in 4 hours was quite shocking. Well, now we know.

NASA launched a $300M satellite the other day. It crashed. Oops. I can't imagine being on that team. You think that you have 2-5 years of steady funding coming in, with lots of great science to do, then wham, the satellite blows up and you have no more funding and no more science to do. Crap-burgers.

I am in a sh*t mood. Once again. I have a bunch of reports to read and/or do and I have no motivation to do them.

I am going to Boulder on Friday to have a meeting. The people who are hosting told me today that we can't use Macs. We have to use the Windows machine provided. "Test your powerpoint on a Windows machine!" the person tells me. F*ck that. I don't do Windows. I don't have a Windows machine to test my powerpoint on. Why would I? Why would anyone?

I am going to go to bed before I start swearing more.

Ok. One more. F*ck.


Lee said...

You could come to my library and test your powerpoint. We have Windows, I am sorry to say. Office 2007 (blech) but not Vista, though (thank god).

I got nothin' on the pee and poop problem. But if you would like to hear my rant about how if Someone convinces his partner to adopt a dog and that dog poops in the basement, Someone should clean it up and not leave poop piles all over the damn place until they are dry and moldy, especially when some of those piles are right in front of the freezer, wherein lies frozen food. Partner may decide not to visit said freezer until such a time that there is no danger of stepping in dry moldy poop. Oh wait. That *was* the rant.

madscientist said...

would you like to swear?

Dinosaur Mom said...

Windows will not kill you. I'm just sayin'. In fact, I'm not ashamed to say it: I'm a PC. I'm even running Vista.