Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Bike!

I got a new bike yesterday:

It is a Felt X-City with a Shimano 8-speed internal gear hub. This is so that the maintenance is minimized. The wheels are road bike sized wheels. It has an aluminum frame too. So, it is like a road bike, but has fatter tires and more of a mt. bike geometry. It should be a good commuter bike.

I rode 16 miles this morning and then Crab Boy and I rode to the lake, which is 4 miles away. He splashed around a bit, and then we rode home. So, 24 miles in a day.

First real mountain stage today. It is exciting!


Lee said...

How many bikes does this make? And did crab boy talk the whole way to and from the lake?

spacecataz said...

Sounds nice. How long did your 24 mile circuit take?

I was biking to work for a while in Los Alamos (major road/sidewalk construction killed this for me) with my $200 raleigh; I finally understand why one should invest in a real bike.

Lance take the lead yet?

madscientist said...

1. 4. But I am getting rid of 2.
2. Yes. At 4 MPH.
3. First 16 miles = 1 hour; Last 8 miles = 1.5 hours.
4. No. He is second.

Rico Detroit said...