Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the Grips of the Tour

I have tour-mania. If you don't know what I am talking about, then you are obvious a football loving American.

Will Armstrong win again? He is in 3rd place right now, only down 8 seconds from the leader. Very exciting stuff! It is quite funny listening to him talk now, since he seems to be much more relaxed about stuff and jokes about how serious everyone else is. He makes comments about how old he is. It is a little more refreshing. Lance said in an interview before the race, something like "look, there will be a break away. The Peleton will pull them back. Cavendish will win, since it is a flat stage."

Paul Sherwin just said "completely and utterly", which is his saying. Every year. Every day. Completely and Utterly.

Cavendish wins again! Surprise!

The thing that I hate about the tour this year, is that many (many!) of the mountain stages end with a long downhill section. This means that if you beat a bunch of bastards up the hill, they can catch up on the way down the mountain. This means that riders are very hesitant about exerting a lot of energy on the way up, when other people can just catch up to you. So, there is no real race there. It is very sad! Two monster stages last week ended up being completely blah because of this. Oh well.


Space Prof said...

Cycling?! Who gives a &$#@?!

Is Lance Armstrong still alive? Shouldn't he be, like, 87 by now?

I had to dig in order to find anything about the Tour on cnn.com. Not on the first page, not on the sports page, doesn't even have its own link on the sports menu bar. It's under "More".

At least soccer gets its own menu bar tab.


drumgeek said...

I don't see how this has anything to do with football, you freedom hater.

(Do we still do the "freedom hater" and "why do you hate America?" and "... then the terrorists win" stuff now that Bush is out of office?)

Enjoy Le Tour de Freedom.

drumgeek said...

I'm off for Le Tour de Santa Monica. Bet I win or come in second. It's all mountain stage today and ends with a downhill. Plus there are obstacles, like hikers, dogs, and rattlesnakes.