Friday, July 24, 2009

I work for an *ss H*le

I got into an argument with my boss about a trip that he wanted me to take. At first, when he stated that he wanted everyone in the group to go on this trip, I protested. He didn't listen. Then he told us that one of the other members of the group would just go for one day, while the rest of us are going for five days. I didn't say anything at this point.

This trip was basically to support our large code(s). He wanted us to go and work with a group that I have been working with a lot over the last few years. I have been extremely supportive of this group and have been doing code modifications for them a lot over the last 6 months.

At a meeting about 2 weeks ago, he went around the table asking people when they were going. I said that I wasn't going because I have been traveling way too much, and that I would support the meeting over the phone. The room went dead silent. Eventually, it passed and the person who was going for a day said when he was going. I volunteered that I could possibly go for a day also.

But, that day came, and I didn't go. I didn't tell him that I wasn't going. I didn't talk to him at all about the trip before the trip. He didn't ask. I didn't volunteer. So, he called me when he got off the airplane to ask me where I was. I was in my office. He blew up. I blew up more. I yelled at him about how he doesn't listen to me when I talk to him, so there was no point in actually talking to him. I told him that I didn't want to go, expressed this to him, and he didn't listen. He said that I obviously didn't think that the people and the relationship with the people he was visiting was important. That is when I exploded. I yelled that I had supported the people more than anyone else in the group. That I spend days and days writing code and testing and doing all sorts of crap for them, while no one else in the group had done this. (There is one other member of our group who has probably done as much work as I have, I should say...)

Eventually he said, something like "I guess there is nothing else to say." I said "I guess so." and we hung up.

About an hour later I was on the telecon talking to the people about the code problems. I help resolve some issues and I think that we made the code much more stable. Without me being there. I did a bunch of runs at work and contributed to the meeting.

So, today (three days later), I get this e-mail:


Your membership in `group-CORE' has been suspended. You are still a member of
the `group-ALL' group.

If you wish to discuss this please make an appointment with my assistant. I will
not respond to email about this matter.

[Your boss]

Nice. I am punished.


Lee said...

Maybe I'm not getting it, but doesn't that action punish 'group-CORE' more than it punishes you? I'm curious what the first draft looked like, if that's what you got after 3 days...

drumgeek said...

You need a new job, man.

Space Prof said...

@drumgeek: don't tell him that, or Dr Crabby might actually do it!

Seriously, though, Crab-guy: things could be worse. You have tenure, you just yelled at your department chair, and the worst punishment you got was the removal of your name from an insiders-club email list. Your boss might be an *ssh*le, but you just got away with mutiny and survived. In fact, your punishment is less spam in your email inbox. I say, YOU DA MAN!