Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pandora Love

Yesterday I did a system upgrade on my laptop, which makes you reboot.  One of the things that was installed was iTunes 9.0.  So, when I fired up iTunes today, I got to wait for about an hour while it refigured out the gapless play list crap.  So, while it did that, I rediscovered Pandora.

God, I love Pandora.  It is the best website ever.  We besides google.  And Wikipedia.  Well, better than Wikipedia.  But, you get the idea.  It is really, really, really good.

So, if you have never pandoraed, I would highly recommend going to, getting an account, typing in your favorite artist, and start listening.  Then type in other artists, and see what comes up.  You won't be disappointed.

Would I lie to you?  Would I say something that wasn't true?

Got a car today.  2005 Subaru Outback Sport.  Silver.  5-speed manual.  Very nice.


spacecataz said...

Pandora is not bad, but I have problems with it straying far from my desired genre if I don't periodically rope it back in.

Physically Blonde said...

They've banned Pandora in Canada, so I've had to adapt... I miss it, *Sniff*

BUT is pretty kickass too, it allows you to generate playlists based on style like Pandora does (or like genius on iTunes) but also allows you to save specific playlists online. Worth checking out.