Friday, October 9, 2009


Boulder, CO, should be called Subaru, CO.  I would estimate that 10% of all cars in Subaru are Subarus (Subari?)  That might not sound like much, but imagine if every 10th car that you saw looked identical.  That is what it is like!  Subaru is a homogeneous city of outdoor loving, vegan, smart, Subaru-loving left-wing nut-jobs!

Ok.  I am just saying that.  Subaru is a great city.  It is just freakish in its love for Subari.


Balancing Act said...

When driving through CO the past couple years, it seemed to me every 10th car in all parts of the state were Subarus. Maybe it isn't that Boulder, CO should be Subaru, CO, but that Boulder, CO should be Boulder, SU?

madscientist said...

That is probably true!

PUI prof said...

Subari! that's great!!