Thursday, July 24, 2008

be gone!

Today was a day of ups and downs. Crab-boy spent the night at the neighbors a few nights ago and has been a crab-a** for the last few days due to a complete lack of sleep. I set out to be a great father today, and seemed to fail miserably. I suggested that we all go to on a canoe trip (well, the kids and I - Mrs. Crab was at work). Crab-girl loved the idea, but Crab-boy wanted nothing to do with it (could it be because his sister want too? Hmmmm, we will never know.) So, we agreed to go to Jump-Zone, which is something like a big open space with a bunch of jumpy things in it. The bad news - it was closed! Holy crab! Turns out Jump-Zone is only open from 10 AM - 1 PM. What????

Next we go to Jungle Java - picture children running around through hamster habitrails, while parents sit around drinking coffee and working on their laptops. The kids start up the slides, and I got my computer ready for a couple hours of uninterrupted coding. Well, 2 minutes later, an announcement comes on that they need all of the kids to exit the habitrail. Turns out that they have to do some work on the electrical coming into the building and they need to turn the electricity off for a few minutes (only a few!) So, they want all of the kids to come out, so when the lights go off, they won't be afraid. So, we sit there waiting for about 30 minutes or so for the lights to go out, all the while mini-Crabs asking why can't they play on the slides? "We won't be scared!!!" I agree - they won't be scared. But what can you do - the manager won't let them play. So, after the lights go out, we figure a few more minutes. Wrong! 30+ minutes later, we just left.

We then have to run some errands, which makes everyone happy. BUT - I bought them the original Batman Movie (Adam West!) which they really love. It is so freaking campy. I love it.

Then - joy of joys, we have to do-louse our house! We learned last night that the neighbors kids have lice. Yikes! It turns out that the mini-Crabs have lice too! The first thing we try to do is give Crab-boy a haircut. He screams. He yells. He cries. He gets his hair cut. Then he informs us that he is not going to let any one see his hair until it grows back. Crab-girl offers to let her get cut (about 5 inches - shoulder length now!)

After all of the hair cutting, we did the shampoo crap. That was super fun. Then, showers for everyone. Sheets washed. Stuffed animals onto big bags. Vacuum everything (sorry Mrs. Crab). Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, all lice is gone, gone, gone.

Wish us luck!


Lee said...

Lice! Ewwwww!!!

I shall endeavor not to tease the boy about his haircut, but I might have to make mention of cooties. I would not be a good aunt, otherwise..

drumgeek said...

We got to go through this while the kitchen was being remodeled, and we had no laundry machines, So we put everything washable into the Honda and spent the day at the laundromat! That was awesome.

Our school has a few bouts with lice every year, and we've come to learn that the chemical shampoos don't generally work as lice have become resistant. The recommended routine is to wet the hair, and conditioner on, and comb, comb, comb for like two weeks.

Also the popular Tea Tree Oil is a neurotoxin, so you don't want to use that a lot.

The lice combs you can get at the drug store suck it. You have to get a good metal one. You can get them online if you need them, and they make a big difference. (I'm sure you've already found this.)

It sucks that I know this much about lice. What the hell happened to me.

Good luck.