Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Did you know that the internets are so smart that they can magically detect where you are and serve everything to you in your native language? When you go to a foreign country, say Finland, The Google gives you everything in some crazy language (what language do you people speak here??? It's crazy, whatever it is!) And another thing - English should be near the top of all 8 languages when telling people how to dial the telephone or hang your towel up in the bathroom, not near the bottom. Do you not know that America rules??? And yet one more thing - where is the Mt. Dew? I am dying here!

So far, I have not seen very much of Finland. The meeting that we are having has gone on all day, and we are in the middle of nowhere with no car, so it is difficult to go see anything. But, flying in, Helsinki looked pretty cool. The are lots of little islands off the coast, and it is quite beautiful. Tonight we are taking a bus ride downtown, which should be quite nice. I forgot my camera (what an a**), so I have to ask people to give me some pictures.

Crab update - Mrs. Crab is still on the front lines with the combs and Crab-boy may be finger maimed for the rest of his life ("and this scar is from when my parents didn't take me to the emergency room to get stitches and the cut just kept bleeding and bleeding....") Ahhh, there is no guilt when I leave my family.

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