Friday, July 25, 2008

The end is near

Two more days of the Tour! Who is going to win? We are all biting our fingernails! It looks like it will come down to the last time-trial tomorrow morning! Ok, really, can anyone actually name a single person in the Tour this year? Sastra is in Yellow. Christian Vandevelde is the best ranked American at around 6th place, but he is a few minutes down. Cadel Evans is most likely going to win. Today is a fast forward day....

In case you care (which I am sure that you do not), the average speed for today is around 28 MPH. Ok, I can go 28 MPH also - with the wind at my back and going down hill. They went 28 MPH for 125 miles! Holy crap!

Crab-boy cut his finger today. Blood everywhere. At first he was only shocked. Then we got the band-aid on him, and he was relatively fine. When we got home, I took the band aid off, since he was complaining that it was too tight and his finger tip was turning purple (am I a bad dad for making his finger fall off???) This is when the bad stuff happened.... (those of you with weak constitutions, stop reading here.) Band-aid comes off, blood gushes everywhere, boy cries out ("It hurts! It hurts!"), I panic. Water only makes it hurt worse. Wash cloth seems to do nothing against the torrent of red. So, I quickly throw another Neosporan (crappy spell-checker doesn't even know how to spell Neosporan, or whatever) laced band-aid on the boy, and things settle down for a couple of minutes. Only problem is that there is too much blood and water and crap to allow the band-aid to stay on properly. So, we get a better band-aid, and Crab-boy bravely takes the other one off (Holy-Crap!) There is actually no bleeding now (Yeah Neosporan!!), but the next band aid goes on quickly (and tightly!)

Crab-boy goes to sleep just fine after reading a little "Fun in the Sun" to me.

Hopefully he is asleep. Could he be passed out from lack of blood? Oh crap, I better go check!

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Lee said...

Poor little crab boy! And poor bad dad!