Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

Today was hot. No doubt about it.

Crab-boy and I went and helped another researcher install a magnetometer out in the middle of nowhere. We helped put a 200 foot cable through a bunch of conduit, then buried the conduit. Luckily, someone had dug the trench (Bob!) before hand. But, we still had to fill it in, then make sure the mag was working properly and such. It was a pretty good day.

Lunch at Wendy's. Crab-boy's choice.

Once that was done, we headed over to our "summer house", to get a radon mitigation system installed. They were 2 hours late, and only took 2 hours to install it. Nice guys, though. Just wished that I have remembered my laptop, so I could actually get something done, instead of sitting around with my thumb up my blackberry.

We call it our summer house, since we own two houses, and can't seem to sell the second one. It is a great house, and we finally (cross your fingers), have a buyer who is "willing" to take it off our hands, and we will only lose about $12K on the deal. Like, bring $12K to the closing. That sucks the big one. It's not like we bought the house while the housing market was flying high or anything, it has just dropped so freaking low in this great state that I live in that you can barely give the house away (or pay someone to take it off your hands!!!) The realtor asked me today if I was happy to be done. I am relieved to be rid of the house (if it actually goes through), but am I happy that I have to pay someone to buy my house that I have spent a huge amount of time fixing and calling my own? No. I am not. I wish the world was fair (how pathetic is that statement? Some people may argue that the world is fair, and I am a bastard who is getting what they deserve - you be the judge. If I am a bastard, dial 888-259-bas1, if I am not a bastard, dial 888-259-bas0. Or just post a comment that I am a bastard.)

Well, crap. It is late. Mrs. Crab just stopped snoring, so it is safe to go to bed.

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drumgeek said...

You are a bastard. But you're my favorite bastard, and I know plenty.